Cătălin Manea
from what you think you are, to...

What You Really Are

That which is sought is not separated from he who seeks. Searching is based on reason. The reason is based on becoming. Becoming is based on time. Time can only provide a temporary identity. Any found identity is just a conclusion of the mind, and the mind can not exist without time. If the mind cannot exist without time, then The Timeless Identity can not be found in the mind. Attachment towards what you think you are does not allow you to sink into What You Really Are.

“In Stillness, everything can be heard more clearly.” ~ Cătălin Manea 


“Cătălin helped me to identify and recognize that space inside of me where there is always silence and stillness. Thank you for helping me meet myself!”


“Through the conferences, the Stillness of the Now revealed to me. My mind is calm, surrendered to this Stillness, to this Presence. Is awesome! Namaste!”


“I tried, I fell, I got up, I wasted energy, over and over again, until one day, exhausted, I abandoned, I accepted that I am not what I thought I was. Thank you!”